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Our staff is specifically trained in the area of pediatric occupational therapy with a wide range of therapeutic experience treating children with various diagnoses


Providing services within Alameda and Contra Costa Counties



Mission Statement

To provide excellent home therapy and to ensure satisfaction for each client we serve


Vision Statement

To be the top provider meeting the needs of all children within the greater bay area, east and west bay regions.


Our staff is well trained in the areas of assessment by recognizing each client's individual needs. We understand that every child is different and will need special, individualized attention to address their specific areas of occupation.

With working in the industry of home health since 2009, Heart and Soul pride itself on providing a safe and familiar environment to get the most out of each client's treatment session. In addition, our sessions aim to provide families with peace of mind through extensive family training and caregiver techniques.


Heart and Soul

Pediatric Therapy


Areas of Specialty

  • Sensory integration training (Level 1 SIPT course)

  • Applied Behavior Analysis training

  • Handwriting without tears

  • SOS Approach to feeding

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Sensory Processing and Regulation

  • Development of self-care skills

  • Development of fine motor and gross motor skills

  • Development of Visual/Motor integration

Developmental Milestones


By 6-8 months, your child may:

  • Sit unsupported

  • Poke finger into hole of a peg board

  • Crumple paper with palms

  • Roll from back to stomach

  • Bang a cup on the table

By 12-14 months, your child may:

  • Open a book

  • Place 3 pegs in a pegboard

  • Creep up 2 steps on hands and knees

  • Makes at least 1 scribble more than 1 inch long on paper

By 25-30 months, your child may:

  • String 2-4 beads

  • Remove screw-on lid from bottle

  • Cut paper in one place

  • Imitate underhand/overhand throw with ball traveling 7 feet before hitting the ground

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